In order to enable the functionality of this application the user must first login. After the authentication success there are two main links found on the navigation bar of the website named Aggregate KPIs and My Submissions.

My Submissions Link

This is the section where each user is able to submit his/her values and thus form the corresponding KPIs. A table with the available KPIs instances is appearing on the screen for interaction. A KPIs instance refers to the indicators specified by the values of the columns (characteristics) of the table eg name,period etc. In other words an instance describes the outcome of KPIs measurements during a specific period of the project. So "Name" is a short naming for the instance and "Period" is the fixed time period for the specific instance. Moreover "Submissions until" declares the date until when the submissions are available for the particular instance while "Active" indicates the submission availability at present.

By clicking on a row of the table, there are three possible actions for the particular instance:
  1. view the values for the KPIs associated to the user,
  2. set/update one or more values and
  3. submit the values.
The edit options (2,3) are feasible if and only if the instance is "active", the due date for submission has not passed and the values have not already submitted. The "Save changes" (blue color) button allows to save the current (updated) values (along with the toggle button values in the right) while the "Cancel changes" (yellow color) button restores the values to the previous saved version. The toggle buttons in the right of each line indicate the status of the value. "Temporary" (edit mode) means that the user has not decided the input value while "Final" (read-only mode) tags the certainty for the specific value. Moreover the "FINAL SUBMIT" (blue big) button is used for the submit operation on the current instance resulting the update of the project KPIs. The final submission requires all the toggle buttons to have the "Final" value and by confirming the dialog action there is no turning back.

Aggregate KPIs Link

This is the section where each user can view the aggregate indicators for an instance (as mentioned an instance is the KPIs measurements during a specific period of the project). Likewise with the My Submissions Link a list with the available KPIs instances is initially appearing for selection. By clicking on a specific instance a table with the so far formed KPIs is available for analysis. The user can also download the KPIs with the corresponding button in a CSV format file. In order to open properly the file, the Tab separator must be specified.